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A Malian Woman Gave Birth to Nine Babies After Expecting Seven

Halima Cisse, 25, of Mali gave birth to nonuplets after expecting seven babies. Mali’s health minister shared the news in a Facebook announcement while thanking the medical team in Morocco where Cisse gave birth.

“The Minister of Health and Social Development is pleased to inform national and international public opinion of Ms. Halima CISSE’s happy multi-fetal pregnancy outcome,” the health minister said in the statement. “Under this joyful circumstances, the Minister of Health and Social Development thanks the President of Transition, whose political leadership and generosity have led to diligent and financial responsibility for the health evacuation of Halima CISSE.”

Additionally, the BBC said that the mother who gave birth to nine babies, after expecting seven, possibly set a world record. Cisse gave birth to five girls and four boys which turned out to be two more than expected. Scans did not detect them.
“The babies are all well, and if there are no complications, the family will set a new world record,” the BBC reported.

In the BBC’s news video, the father of the babies, and Cisse’s husband said that ‘it did not surprise him because he is a believer.’

“I am happy. Very, very happy, just like you. Once again, we thank God….,” Arby stated, according to the BBC.

The mother was flown to Morocco and had a Caesarean. ABC News said that Malian doctors, under government orders, sent Cissee to Morocco for the births because Mali is one of the poorest counties. According to the news report, hospitals there were ill-equipped to provide adequate care needed by the woman who experienced exceptional multiple pregnancies. ABC added that Cisse gave birth prematurely at 30 weeks. The report also included details provided by Casablanca clinic’s director, Youssef Alaoui. Details provided also revealed that Cisse is currently in stable condition, after experiencing heavy bleeding for which she was given a blood transfusion.

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