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Uhuru-Ruto Fight Takes Another Twist After David Murathe Accidentally Leaks The Following

The relationship between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy President William Ruto is now ineffective, and the Jubilee Party will address the nation in the coming days where a critical announcement will be made, David Murathe has said.

Murathe who seems to have made some mistake while speaking to KTN News during an exclusive interview on Wednesday night claimed that the two political leaders have parted ways, adding that they have already met today and decided to cut ties by ending the Jubilee UDA agreement that united the tow leaders in 2013 and 2017.

“We have decided to cut ties with them. In the coming days, maybe tomorrow on coming Monday, the Jubilee Party will come out in public to reveal what happened,” Murathe claimed.

But responding to his claims, KTN News reporter Ken Mijungu asked Murathe what he meant by breaking political ties. He wanted Murathe to elaborate more on Uhuruto’s Divorce.

“Hon Murathe, what do you mean by breaking ties? Will they part ways?” Ken asked.

But Murathe responded by saying,” Hey! Hey! Hey! By breaking ties I didn’t mean that he will be chased away. First, you must understand that breaking ties doesn’t mean that we must announce. First, call him and ask why he didn’t attend Madam Suluhu’s visit.”

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