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Details Emerge on How Ruto Will Assume Presidency Seat Even Before 2022 General Election is Held

The BBI shocker has left many worried and lacking good terms to express their bitterness but there is no any way but to accept and move on. The high court judges on their ruling cited gross violation of the constitution, they also claimed that IEBC lacked the minimum threshold to conduct verification of votes and the entire process. They also said that the president violated the constitution that he is supposed to safeguard and hence terming the entire process null and void.
The issue of the president violating the constitution has attracted alot of reaction from Kenyan who feel that it’s his time pay for what is deputy was going through during the BBI process. It should be remembered that after the BBI was passed in both houses of representatives a section of parliamentarians started claiming that they have the numbers to impeach Ruto.

Now there is claims that Uhuru can be impeached on ground of violating the constitution and this would mean that the deputy president William Ruto would assume the presidency as per the constitutional requirements. Robert Alai said that activists saw a push to impeach Ruto and now they have, opened for the impeachment of Uhuru.

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