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MOE To Shut Down All Primary And Secondary Schools On The Basis Of This Worrying News (opinion)

Education Prof George Magoha addressing during the previous function
Since the storm of the pandemic in Kenya, the ministry of education has been forced to shut down all Education institutions in a bid to combat the spread of the pandemic. In the first time, schools were closed for almost nine months as they observe the wave of the pandemic.

Later, schools were reopened and then shut down due to escalation of covid-19 in the third wave that were then ultimately reopened. However, the ministry of education in connection with the ministry of health has issues strict covid-19 protocols to be adhered to in Educational institutions.

Following the threatening of covid-19 pandemic heading to fourth wave, education CS should be forced to close all primary and secondary schools for their safety. It’s reportedly most schools in the country doesn’t have adequate facilities to facilitate for covid-19 protocols especially social Distance.

CS Magoha should consider the way possible for safety of students as cases upsurge. It’s reportedly on the shoot of individuals contradicted with the virus of daily basis as fatality rate shits.

What’s your opinion on the closure of institutions offering basic education as covid-19 Emerges as major threat? Kindly share out your mind with valid reasons.

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