Andrew Kibe is kept by a sugarmummy in USA_Erick Omindi says

Award-winning comedian Eric Omondi is seemingly not done with their public chapter of petty beef with internet personality Andrew Kibe after these new claims.

While this may however be their regular and quickest way of earning clout, fans are still invested after Omondi claimed that Kibe is being kept by a 57-year old lady in the US only identified as Judith.

Adding a little spice to his allegations, Omondi contends that Kibe has been relying on the said lady for everything, from food to shelter and he, therefore, has no moral authority to address anyone.

“Andrew Kibe lives in a woman’s house in America, he eats a woman’s food and sleeps in a woman’s bed. Mtu amewekwa na mumama has no moral authority to address anyone. Arudi Kenya afanye kazi kama wanaume engine. (He should come back to Kenya and work like his fellow men),” Omondi claims.

Kibe was however quick to respond with a video where he is seen with a lawnmower machine with a caption that reads:

“I’ve landed my first job here in America. Hapa ni kuomoka mbaya( We balling).”

The whole snafu started when Kibe faulted Omondi for cross-dressing saying his message would still be heard even without doing all that and Omondi was quick to rebuff the claims.

”Eric I’m talking to you man. Nilimwona amefanya video juzi, amejivaa kaa dem, amepaka mpaka make-up, selling a political candidate. Nikajiuliza why? I don’t have to dress like women to talk to women… Women respond to men… ID yako imeandikwaje? Ama ni Erica… You need to change your ways. Ukona tabia za kidem sasa wewe. Na since ukona tabia za kidem lazima tukuambie sasa,” Kibe stated.

The plot is clearly thickening and at this point, netizens are beginning to suspect that this could all be one big promo ploy for their social media brands.

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