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Reason Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Crashed Finally Revealed


Apologies have been pouring in since Tuesday midnight from Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, but what has been missing in the ‘sorry’ notes is why? – why the downtime that took almost 8-hours to fix?

The three social media companies have avoided giving reasons for users inability to connect to their platforms, offering the usual claim of system encountering “issue”.

This is not the first time the three Mark Zuckerberg-owned apps will experience an outage, as they had suffered the same fate on March 19, 2021. The reason? – ‘technical issue’.

While Facebook has kept mute on the reason for the latest crash across its social media apps, one cause has been popping up, and that’s DNS (Domain Name System).

The disappearance of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram has been linked to DNS, which is the traffic warden that tells internet traffic where to go or highway that connects internet users to these social media platforms.

DNS route every internet user request to their desired destination. For example, if you type google.com, the system that will connect you to the Google page is DNS – every internet property are linked to it, and if you search for any site online and the landing page isn’t brought out, there is a high probability that the website is not on the internet because if it is, DNS will take you there.

And earlier today, it was reportedly stated that Facebook withdrew its DNS routing authority, hence, cutting users access to its landing pages, but a reaction from Zuckerberg’s firm showed that the tech giant might not have had a hand in the plug pullout.

The incident made the Facebook domain name go up for sale, but the company has resolved its technical issue, and both WhatsApp and Instagram are back on DNS, as users are now having access to the social networking sites.

Some users burn data on redownloading the social media apps, thinking it was their phone app having an issue, while others thought it was networking – no wonder MTN sent the following message to its users;

“Please be informed that WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram services are down worldwide. We are hopeful that their services will be restored soon.”

Aside from data waste and internet concerns, some are actually worried about their money, as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have turned into a marketplace for many.

This was noted in the apology from Instagram, which specifically stated that it is sorry to businesses around the world that depended on it.

On Instagram, some news pages like Instablog, which constantly post news and advertisements to its 3.4 million followers, couldn’t for almost eight hours – this means traffic to its page dropped and time-bound ads were affected.

Other marketplace pages couldn’t post or sell their products on Instagram and WhatsApp as well, as they were forced to close their online shop for eight hours, losing potential clients and revenue during the same period.

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