Meet a lady with two wombs and two reproductive organs

A Ghanaian reproductive health advocate, Elizabeth Amoaa, has opened up about how she discovered that she has two wombs, two cervixes, and two vagin*as.

According to her, she only got to know about her rare condition five years after the birth of her daughter.

Before finding out, she struggled with low-esteem, thinking it was a curse.

Amoaa in 2015 was diagnosed with uterus didelphys or ”double uterus,” which occurs during fetal development, when the two tubes that normally form one uterus instead become two separate structures, according to the Mayo Clinic.

A double uterus may have one cervix that opens into one vagin*a, or each separate uterine cavity may have an individual cervix and vagin*a, leaving a woman with two vagin*as, said

Speaking in an interview on GTVBreakfast on GBC, Amoaa disclosed that during her pregnancy, doctors thought she had an ectopic pregnancy because they were scanning the wrong womb.

At some point, doctors suggested that she terminate the pregnancy but she kicked against it and went on to give birth to her daughter, Rashley.

Amoaa said her double womb caused excruciating problems throughout her pregnancy but discovering that she had two wombs gave her answers as to why her doctors couldn’t notice its existence.

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