Luhyas are known to be cooks and watchmen,they have nothing to lose if Ruto wins~Atwoli

Central Organization of Trade Unions (Cotu) secretary-general Francis Atwoli, on Wednesday, claimed that people from the Luhya community are only known for doing odd jobs for survival.

Speaking in a TV interview, the COTU boss claimed that the Luhyas are used to being cooks and watchmen unlike people from the Central region who are known as business-oriented.

Atwoli’s comments came while questioning people from the Central region which presidential candidate will serve their interest if elected.

“You people in Central Province you should ask yourself, in whose hands will you be safe?” he questioned.

“Luhyas and people from Western Kenya are used to salaries, being cooks and watchmen. But you people in Central Kenya, in whose hands will you be safe?” he added.

Atwoli insinuated that he and those from Western Kenya will not be greatly affected when Deputy President William Ruto ascends to power come 2022.

He claimed that those likely to be affected are those from Central since they are the business owners thereby urging them to choose a presidential candidate who will serve their interest.

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