Soldier walks into a hospital,beats up nurses who failed to attend to his expectant wife

A Nigerian soldier has been held in high esteem by social media users, not only for his line of work but for beating up two nurses at a hospital over his pregnant wife.

The Nigerian military man according to the story by Daily Trust went berserk at the hospital where he took his pregnant wife for delivery, beat up two nurses, leaving one of them with a broken leg.

The incident is said to have happened on Friday, October 22, at Okelele Primary Health Centre in Nigeria’s Ilorin, the capital of Kwara State which left the two nurses admitted at the same facility.

According to the Daily Trust, an altercation erupted after the nurses who had admitted the soldier’s wife for delivery asked him to buy delivery packs for the process.

But the unwilling soldier refused to comply with their demand citing that the state government has provided such items for pregnant women that might have come for their delivery at the hospital.

“Instead of looking for the delivery packs, the soldier rejected the demand arguing that the state government has provided such items for pregnant women that might have come for their delivery at the hospital.

“But the nurse told the soldier that he misconstrued the information, therefore, he needed to provide the delivery packs for his wife to assist her to make use of the delivery packs for his wife’s delivery at the labour room. But, the statement got the soldier angry and beat the nurse to the extent that one of her legs was broken.”

The Kwara State chapter of the National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives, Alhaji Shehu Aminu confirmed the assault on the two nurses.

“The soldier became infuriated and headed to the doctor’s office and started beating the two nurses he met there. The soldier slapped one of the nurses who ran for her dear life while the other sustained ankle injury,” Alhaji Shehu Aminu said.

His action called for his arrest and has been detained by the 22 Armoured Brigade of the Nigeria Army, Sobi Cantonment, Ilorin, Kwara State.

The Public Relations Officer of the 22 Armoured Brigade of the Nigeria Army Sobi Cantonment, Ilorin, St. Sgt Waziri confirmed his arrest.

He said the errant soldier has been put in the guard room for further interrogation.

While some social media users condemned his action, others were in full support of what he did, the reason being that the attitudes of a few miscreants nursed have given every other nurse a bad name, making the very public they exist to serve resent them.

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