When your wife is beautiful,let people see because she’s not cannabis~Jalang’o

Speaking on Eve Mungai channel,Jalang’o has revealed the reason why he is posting his beautiful wife off late.

The media persinality and comedian has for time kept their relationship so private.Though Jalang’o clarified that his wife is not fun of social medias regarding the job she does.

Jalang’o is among the celebrities who will attend the Luo festival which will take place on 27th at Racecourse.He was featured in a hit song produced by Bahati and Prince Hindah which has garnerd millions of views.

When Jalango was asked about Andrew Kibe,he said that Kibe has alot of free time to gossip about others.”After washing dishes and the old woman,he has the time to create useless content and abuse everyone,he is my friend and i advice him to come back and work.”he said.

He will be running for Langata Mp seat next election.He said he is ready to go and secure the seat.

Responding to blogs claiming that he’s using funds raised for Luo festival,Jalang’o said its baseless.

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