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Man buys Aeroplane and turns it into a house

Unlike people who reside in buildings, a man has chosen to take abode in an aeroplane.

The US man identified as Bruce Campbell acquired a 1969 Boeing aeroplane in the year 1999 at a price of $100, 000

Bruce, in order to put the aircraft in a shape that suits his taste, spent another $120, 000 (ksh12 million) to disassemble it after which the aeroplane was moved to his property in Portland.

The retired electrical engineer in refurbishing the aircraft removed all its seats and added a shower for bathing.

He also added other household necessities to the now turned house, as seen in a video shared by UNILAD Tech.

He now stays in the aeroplane 6 months in a year. The aeroplane’s cockpit is where he does his reading.

The old man believes all old planes should be made into homes to prevent them from being wasted.

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