Man removes his girlfriend’s teeth with pliers after she caught him with another woman

A man brutally retaliated when his woman literally turned his house upside down after she caught him cheating by removing her front teeth.

A tweet named @Aqualady6666 took to the microblogging platform to disclose how the duo took it out on each other leading to the woman’s present predicament.

Per the narration shared on Twitter, it emerged that the lady caught her man cheating, and in a moment of rage, she stormed his house and went on a destruction spree, smashing everything in her path.

In anger, the man was alleged to have used a plier to remove two of his girlfriend’s teeth. The tweep shared photos of the damage done to the house and another set of photos depicting how the lady looks like before and after losing her teeth.

”This lady caught her 3-week old boyfriend cheating, then went to his house and destroy all his properties and man used a plier to remove her teeth.

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