A dog contracts Covid in first confirmed case

Humans share many things with their dogs, from the sofa to cuddles and quality time. But it seems the list of joint experiences may also include coronavirus infections.

Experts say they have detected the first case in the UK of a pet dog catching coronavirus, apparently from its owners. The canine’s infection was confirmed after testing on 3 November.

It is not the first time that pets have tested positive for the virus; the same laboratory detected coronavirus in a cat last year, while research from the Netherlands has previously suggested that the virus is common in cats and dogs owned by people who have Covid.

Some experts have suggested owners with Covid should avoid their pets to prevent spreading the virus to them, and have raised concerns the animals could act as a reservoir of the virus, potentially passing it back to humans.

“The infected dog was undergoing treatment for another unrelated condition and is recovering,” the chief vetenary said.

“In line with general public health guidance, you should wash your hands regularly, including before and after contact with animals,” she said.

Prof Rowland Kao, of the University of Edinburgh, said there was little sign that coronavirus infections in dogs were of concern.

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