“University Students Graduate With Tongues Speaking And Not Skills” – Unemployed Graduate Laments

A Twitter user @missyrebby has expressed how students of KNUST prioritize religion 24/7 on campus over education which should be the focal point of the undergraduates.

In a series of tweets, the Twitter user whom we are told she completed KNUST and was a prayer warrior back then said the citadel is a science and technology school and not a seminary.

“The core culture and focus of the school should be on education not religion. To come out speaking tongues and without skills is an absolute unmitigated disaster. KNUST is a university of science and technology and not a seminary”.

According to her, the main aim of KNUST is education and not religion. However, students were more serious with religion and not education and prioritize tongues instead of learning how to draw a business plan.

“The main aim of KNUST is education not religion. You can come out of KNUST with Christ, there is nothing wrong with that. You MUST not come out without skills. If that happens then the entire enterprise of KNUST is lost. Religion and education are not diametrical in nature.

To add up, she went on to say that, she was wondering how many days of fasting will be needed when the finance minister said students are to create their own jobs.

“We have Christ and no skills. When the finance minister said we should create our own jobs I was wondering how many days of fasting would be needed to do that. smh”.

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