Meet a girl who was mocked for being too short but finally got a man who loves her

A lady whose body stature has earned her intense mockery from people around her including her own father has finally found the love of her life. 

Uwiriyingiyimana Odeth, 26, was born short and has suffered bullying at the hands of other children who called her dwarf. Amongst the bullies is her own father who told her she will never get any person to marry her.

Per the publication sighted on CoorectNG, Odeth was born in 1995 but his father refused to send her to school because he had no hope in her. He would lock her up in the room every day.

It took the intervention of the local authorities to make him stop molesting the lady but still resents her. Fortunately, some good Samaritans enrolled her in a vocational school where she learnt weaving. She was given a weaving machine which she used to work to make money.

She could make beautiful dresses with the machine out of which she made money to cater for herself, the mother and other siblings since her father has abandoned them.

She is now appealing for help to procure a new machine as the one she was using to work has broken down beyond repair.

Also, interestingly, despite her height, a man identified as Dushirimana Celestin has fallen in love with her and intends to marry her.

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