Meet Carey Joy,an American lady who married a class two dropout and a bodaboda rider


  • An American woman, Carey Joy, tied the knot with her husband Albert Wanyonyi from Bungoma in 2018.
  • Carey, who came as a missionary, said God revealed to her that the boda boda rider was her perfect match when they first met.
  • What surprises many is the remarkable disparity in the couple’s level of education as Carey holds four degrees in different fields while her Bukusu husband is a class two.  dropout

Carey Joy and Albert Wanyonyi is a true statement that love is indeed blind.

Carey who is a US missionary settled down in marriage with Wanyonyi, who can hardly express himself in English since he is a primary dropout.

In past interviews, Wanyonyi said he fell in love with the US missionary, although the language barrier was their main challenge.

Speaking during a recent interview with TV 47, the mother of two disclosed she has four academic degrees in different fields, one of them being economics.

Carey explained that God told her that Wanyonyi was her anointed husband when he introduced herself to him and therefore she doesn’t care about him being uneducated.

Care said she enjoys living with her husband in his village in Bungoma.

She added that before she learnt Swahili, they used to communicate through feelings and signs.

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