From a Tailor to a millionare~Inspiring journey of Charles Njiru

One entrepreneur, Charles Njiru Mkombozi,In early and mid 90s, nothing seemed to work in his favour. Everything he touched seemed to wither. 

In the 80’s, Njiru worked as a tailor, earning a meagre salary of Ksh300 a month. He saved enough money and eventually quit his job.

His dream was to venture into business and so, he went back to his Karaba home and started farming. There, he grew tomatoes and French beans on a 10-acre farm.

He would soon experience his first fail due to scarcity of rainfall. Unfortunately, after all the hard work he had put in, he only had Ksh2,500 to show for it.

Njiru quit the agri-business and started selling second hand clothes. Disappointed, however, he abandoned this as well in just a period of two months.

He would then try his hand in the agrochemicals business.”The business took off and earned me a total of Ksh300,000 in sales in just six months. The profits would start dipping due to stiff competition and I quit after three years,” Njiru stated.

Despite all the disappointments he had experienced, Njiru did not give up. He tried his hand in the matatu business, transportation of sand and construction material, but all failed.

In the last attempts, Njiru decided to construct a brewery but faced challenges when he failed to secure an operating license.In the last attempts, Mkombozi decided to construct a brewery but faced challenges when he failed to secure an operating license.

It is this last fail, however, that bore a multi-million empire that has come to be loved and admired by many who use Nairobi – Embu highway.

“Farmers were waiting for three months to have their rice milled at government-owned mills. Hence, they started flocking my maize mill looking for storage and eventually I started milling for them,” he continued.

Njiru condtructed a mall which sits on eight acres of land, hosts different businesses including a hotel, three restaurants, supermarket, petrol station, kids fun park among others.

The entrepreneur has employed around 300 employees with millions others benefiting indirectly from the establishment.

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