Man wins a bet of ksh 2.2billion but the betting company deleted his account to avoid paying him

Cameroon:A man from Cameroon has hit a jackpot by winning ksh2.2billion ($22 million) on 1xBet but wasn’t paid.

From the report sourced from CorrectNG, the man played a bet with ksh35000 and won the ksh2.2billion but the whopping amount has forced the company to delete his account in order to avoid paying him a dime.

Upon insistence, they offered him ksh68,700,000. He was said to have rejected it and demanded the original sum but the betting company reportedly refused.

Not satisfied with the outcome of his petition, he informed the youth in his neighborhood who showed solidarity by storming the company, 1xBet with offensive weapons to demand full payment for the guy.

This turned chaotic they clashed with personnel of the popular sports betting company although no casualties were recorded.

The man, however, was later invited to a radio station to share details of what truly happened.

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