Government’s move to shut down pastor Ng’ang’as Tv receives alot of support from non_believers

The Atheist Society in Kenya have supported a move by the Communication Authority to ban live events that have been airing on Sasa TV station which is associated to Pastor James Ng’ang’a.

In a statement by the Communication Authority of Kenya which is headed by Ezra Chiloba, Ng’ang’a who is the Apostle of Neno Evangelism Centre was banned from broadcasting the church proceedings with immediate effect.

This received a lot of support from AIK which through its President Mumia Muyeiya said that the organisation welcomed the move to ban the live events which have in the recent past been critiqued by members of the public.

According to Mumia, religious leaders in the country have been accorded exceptional responsibility within the community.

He said that most Kenyans expect that they use the responsibility to make a positive change in the society.

“Religion should never be privileged over other, equally valuable, human concerns in Kenya. Such special treatment itself would amount to an unconstitutional establishment of religion,” Mumia said.

CAK said that the ban will run for a period of six months as from Saturday, December 3.

This means that the directives will be reviewed in May 2022 and a decision is made whether the Television channel would get back to live airing of events.

The statement revealed that the station has been under investigations and scrutiny on the kind of content that is usually aired by SASA TV as from October 3, 2021.

The Station has come under sharp criticism this year especially on statements that are made by Pastor Ng’anga as he preaches.

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