Rang’ala Boys released to leave for their homes after demanding a break

Over 1,000 students at Rang’ala Boys’ High School were on Sunday, December 5- sent home by the school administration after they questioned what they were doing in the institution yet the festive season was around the corner.

The students reportedly became unruly and demanded that they are released home for the December holidays yet schools are supposed to be closed on 20- 23.

In a statement, the School’s Board of Management through the chairperson Stephen Onyango accused the students of being unruly to an extent that the school was closed just because they wanted to go home.

According to Onyango, it took the intervention of the principal to cool down the student after he assured them that they will be released from the school.

“The principal even engaged police officers for assistance but they could not calm down. It is then that we consulted and agreed that they are released,” he said, adding that despite the assurance some went ahead and broke windows and the CCTV cameras installed in the school.

To avoid more chaos and vandalizing of property the students were released on Sunday morning.

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