3 Gold miners who were trapped for 6 days speak of what they went through

Speaking to a local media station, Jack Onyango, Philip Ogutu, and Benard Ochieng shared their traumatising stay inside the collapsed mine – for a total of six days. 

Ochieng revealed that he and his colleagues were squeezed between rocks since they had to live in a very small space – leaving them with bruises.

Ogutu noted that the area was closed leaving no space for air, however, they hid until the rescuers came to their rescue.

Onyango revealed that while trapped below the rubble, they survived on dirty water from the underground relying on a hosepipe that came from the ground above, he additionally added that they used the pipe to communicate with the rescue team 

“I am pleading with my fellow youth to stop going into shafts to mine because what I have experienced and lived to tell the tale, I will quit that work because it is very dangerous,” Onyango remarked. 

They recounted that the thoughts of their families gave them the hope to cling on. Onyango however admitted that he had lost hope in the hours preceding his rescue. 

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