My father will never change even after endorsement from Mt Kenya~Raila Junior declares

Raila Junior has revealed that the endorsement that his father has received from the Mt Kenya Foundation will not change his political beliefs and principles.

Speaking to reporters at the Safari Park Hotel, where Raila’s endorsement took place, Junior said that his father will not be swayed into doing anything the business people would want him to do if he clinches power.

“If you know Raila Odinga there is no such thing as he being a yes man to anyone, he is his person. Even at his age, he comes with a wealth of knowledge, experience and it’s not something that he started doing Yesterday (being endorsed by various groups),” Junior said.

Junior said that instead of Raila agreeing to every demand the businessmen would want from him if he becomes president, he will listen to their concession before moving forward.

Junior further noted that the endorsement his father has received from the foundation was a big one and could boost his confidence ahead of next year’s polls.

“It is a very big endorsement though it comes with its challenges, what we are saying is that he had gone through the right channel and met the right people. So when he comes, he comes with the confidence of leaders and elders behind him,” he said.

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