“Diana Marua is lying to Kenyans”~Dr Ofweneke’s ex_wife confirms

In a video on Instagram, Nicah claims that she was with the two on that particular day when Diana claim Willy Paul almost took advantage of her.

“I’m not here to take sides. I don’t know who is right. I’m just here to say what I saw,” she said adding that she respects other people’s marriages and do not advocate for rape.

Refuting clout chasing moves, the singer said that she has not been at peace after watching Diana’s video and claimed that normally when women issues arise, people forget to be neutral and are carried away by the emotions.

Nicah says on that day, she was strolling in the estate with her ex-husband Dr. Ofwoneke when they run into Willy Paul in the company of a lady dressed in white.

It would only take fame for Nicah to realize that the lady was Diana Marua seated on the passenger’s seat.

“Willy Paul pulled up on us as we took a stroll in our estate at night jamming to his collabo with Sauti Sol. Diana was in the car with Willy Paul and she was jamming to the song as well,” she added.

But in her Youtube video, Diana says Willy Paul coerced her into his car and drove off after visiting a movie shop.

Nicah on the other side, claims that the said movie shop was on the first floor which means Diana must have, intentionally, walked out to meet Willy Paul.

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