A man who ran his family for better life in the UK now cries out for help

Ghana: Man who left his wife and kids for a better life in UK cries to return home as he was spotted on the street smoking and looking shabby

A middle-aged man who according to him left his nuclear family in Ghana to look for better opportunities in the UK has been sighted living on the streets.

While he looked unusual of his normal self, he was also seen smoking cigarettes in aid to calm his nerves as he continues to struggle for survival in the states.

A UK-based Ghanaian named Owusu who interviewed the man asked Ghanaians who live in the UK to solicit funds o send him back to Ghana as the man requested.

This is not the first time that many people mostly from Africa run to Europe in search of greener pastures.To their surprise they come to find out how things are different agaisnt their expectations.

Although,there are also so many people living abroad with their families.But this comes with preparedness and hardwork.Many people perceive live abroad easy,good than what they go through in their countries.

So its these people who fail to the trap of going hardship while abroad.

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