Chaos in parliament after Babu Owino stole Mp Sankok’s crutches

There was a light moment in Parliament on Wednesday afternoon after crutches belonging to nominated MP David Sankok, miraculously went missing within the House.

The turn of the events forced Deputy Speaker Moses Cheboi to halt the session for some minutes after Sankok raised an alarm over his missing crutches.

“The matter raised by Hon. Sankok is very serious… What is surprising is that Hon Sankok you are seated there all the time. If you have lost your crutches, you should obviously have the person in mind who has taken your crutches in mind,” Cheboi said while trying to solve the matter.

After a moment of interruptions, it was established that it was Embakasi East MP Babu Owino who had taken the lost crutches. This prompted the speaker to order Babu to release the crutches before the session could continue.

“Hon Babu Owino you should probably take the crutches back if you are the one who took them…” the speaker said.

Responding to the speaker’s request, Babu confirmed that it was him who took the crutches and that the Assembly’s sergeant-at-arms had already taken them from him.

According to Babu, he had taken Sankok’s crutches because the lawmaker did not need them in Parliament.

“Hon Speaker, Hon Sankok do not need the legs (crutches) as at now… I apologize,” Babu said amid laughter from the members of parliament.

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