5 countries which do not recognise a christmas holiday

While many do so much as make the day a public holiday, in some countries, it is just like a normal working day.

1. Egypt

Despite the country having a Christian population of 15%, the annual Jesus birthday celebration is not even celebrated on December 25 but January 7.

This is as the Coptic Orthodox Christians in Egypt use the old Julian calendar for religious celebration days.


Daily Express reports that Christmas in China is treated like a normal day – another working day.

According to The Guardian, Chinese authorities once “cracked down on Christmas” in 2018 and ordered its citizens “to instead focus on promoting traditional Chinese culture.”

3. Morocco

Christmas in Morocco is not accorded a special recognition because the country is primarily a Muslim one.

4. Tunisia

In North African country of Tunisia, Christmas celebration is an optional thing.

Interestingly, you’d find vendors sell Christmas decorations and accessories but December 25 is not treated generally as a special day.

5. Mongolia

Mongolia being a country whose religion is primarily Buddhism will definitely not care about anything called Christmas.

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