Ksh113M to carry somebody’s pregancy~Huddah Monroe’s latest demand shocks netizens

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has revealed that she would absolutely be willing to carry someone’s baby, but for a whopping Ksh113M.

Huddah, taking to her Instagram stories, disclosed that it would cost Ksh.113 million to have a baby with her.

“I’m selling my womb. Ksh113M to be your baby momma. Child support we shall agree…” She wrote.

Huddah also addressed the marriage institution, describing the union as a ‘scam’.

“Y’all know marriage is a scam in this era of bamba with the big boys and big or small nyash and y’all getting into it. Why lie to each other? Just date until Jesus Christ comes back. Save yourself the drama,” she stated.

The Huddah Cosmetics founder went on to bash men in general, claiming that “they can never be loyal to one woman.”

Huddah added that she would have no problem being a co-wife, as long as the man keeps her in the know.

“Tell us straight up, I have 3 others, will you be the fourth?” she wrote.

“We have no problem with you having 10 wives. Just keep it a hundred. It saves us a lot of time in decision making. Not after catching feelings is when I find out you have 5 baby mommas and 25 kids.”

The socialite also advised couples never to be confined in marriages just for publicity but rather to leave when things go astray.

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