A family suffering from peripheral edema cries out for help from wellwishers

Speaking to one,Ruth Obonyo,a 27yrs old girl a last born in the family of 11 children.She expressed her depression to this condition and urged wellwishers to come out and help them.

Ruth started by narrating how this condition began with her elder one morning when she was going to church.She said her sister was scratched by a stone and the condition developed and worsened with time.

Her sister tried seeking medication from hospitals but she ended up being given painkillers.They sold the cows they had atleast to try and get treatment for their siblings but to vain.

Ruth felt afraid seeing how the family was suffering in this condition.At only the age of 12yrs Ruth was scratched with a stick and the condition started developing.

She felt that its the people from home who never wanted good out of them.This forced her to rocate to Nairobi to her friend for her secondary education.

But she was unable to compleat her education because the situation worsened.Ruth says that children who resemble their dad are the only with this condition but those who resemble their mom are in a good condition.

She said all the friends that she had have all run away.Even getting married has been a hard task because when a man realizes her condition he runs away.

Ruth said life has been hard since she cant get any job to do.She sometimes feels commiting suicide but its because of the love of their mom who is a strong christian and believer that has kept them alive.

Ruth hopes that this condition will come to an end.She said her brother was treated of this condition and he can now put on shoes.

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