She grew beards,hair in the chest and legs like a man~Story of Evaline Wangila

Born in Bungoma County,a 30yrs old Evaline Wangila a mother of one developed a rare condition.She grew beards and alot of hair on legs,chest,breasts which let to discrimination from fellow students.

Speaking on Lynn Ngugi show,Evaline said that she was born in a polygamous family.They were a family of 21 people.Her mother was a third wife to her dad.

She schooled in her mother’s place.In 2005 her mother felt sick,so she decided to go back and look after her mother who was suffering from cancer.

While in Class swven,Evaline started developing beards and hair in her legs.At this point she never felt any shame because she was young.

Things changed when she joined a boarding school for her secondary education.In form three beards and hair were now growing rapidly and so forced to shave frequently because of the discrimination she was facing.

At 26yrs Evaline tested pregnant,she felt happy because she was afraid she may not get pregnant with this condition.People said it was by accident she got pregnant.

A happy Evaline said that till date people dont believe that she got a kid.They get amazed when her child calls her mom.

Evaline adviced ladies with this condition to always love and believe in themselves.

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