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Woman cries out after losing all her family members in a grisly road accident

A lady from Kisii is mourning the death of her relatives who were involved in a grisly road accident on the eve of Christmas.

Dorcas Kemuma took to social media to reveal that four members of her nuclear family – her husband, mother-in-law and two sons – were involved in the accident.

The accident occurred after her husband’s vehicle collided with a passenger vehicle head-on at an undisclosed area.

Out of the four, only her firstborn son survived the accident but sustained serious injuries and is currently in the hospital receiving treatment.

“By God’s unending grace, I’ve had a wonderful husband. A beautiful son. A humble, soft and loving mother-in-law. We’ve had our share of memories. Happy, sad, all of them. It’s been flowery and thorny. Sweet, mostly,” Kemuma said.

While mourning the death of the three, Kemuma asked her son who survived the accident to keep fighting for his life. According to her, he is the only thing she has left after the three passed away.

“Dwight (the firstborn), my firstborn, keep fighting son. You are all I have left,” she said.

She also sent a message to the loved ones she lost in the accident.

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