Erick Omondi and Bien argument turns ugly as they almost fight in Konshens show

An argument between comedian Eric Omondi and musician Bien Barasa almost turned ugly during the Afrojam Festival on December 31 at the Carnivore.

The two entertainers met on the sidelines of the new year’s concert and a confrontation ensued. Eric had been chosen as the host while the Mbwe Mbwe hitmaker was one of the headline acts.

Bien called out Omondi who he claimed was causing unnecessary drama by dictating that Kenyan artists should perform last.

Bien argued that it did not matter who performed last, as long as all artists were paid their dues.

Eric explained that he was trying to guide the next generation of artists but the Man a bald man dismissed him, telling him to focus on his comedy career.

“Fight for yourself because your career is on the death bed. These things you are doing…” Bien continued before Eric grabbed his jacket, prompting the musician to defend himself.

When emotions ran high, Bien pulled away from the argument and headed towards where his wife Chiki Kuruka was waiting.

“You won’t embarrass me in front of my wife,” the singer said as he walked away while uttering more insults at Eric.

The former Churchill show comedian went on to ask Musicians to get back to work and rescue the industry.

However, his sentiments were not received well with stakeholders in the music scene more so musicians.

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