He once roast maize to earn a living,he’s the co_founder of Metro Company~Journey of Nelson Mwangi

Nelson Mwangi was born and raised in the Central region of Kenya.He came from a humble family and to make it in life he had to work extra hard. After completing high school, his parents were unable to raise his university school fees despite doing extremely well in his Kenya Certificate of Secondary School (KCSE) examinations.

Mr. Mwangi then moved to Nairobi in search of employment. His experience was tough as nails as he had to do odd jobs to earn a living.

“I was brought up in a very poor family. Coming to Nairobi to look for a job was not easy and at one point I had to roast maize in Eastlands near Makadara law courts,” Mwangi said.

He took up a job offer as a lift attendant in a restaurant in the city. Slowly but certainly, he worked his way up the ranks through sheer hardwork and would ultimately become operations manager at the restaurant.

Mr. Mwangi would later come together with thirteen other directors to set up Super Metro Company Limited with an aim ‘to do business and change the sanity of the industry’.

Super Metro’s success is credited to the high quality of service offered and the high standards required of the drivers and conductors. The leadership of Nelson Mwangi’s team is also a key factor that led to its success. He says that God’s favor has placed him where he is today.

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