“You are out of content,come for your belongings”~Erick Omondi tells Bien of Sauti Sol

Comedian and self proclaimed President of comedy,Erick Omondi has taken to his instagram page calling on Bien not to use his name.Omondi was responding to claims by Bien that somebody stole his phone,car keys and other stuffs.

With a old button phone,shaving machine and bras,Erick called on Bien to come for those belongings because he’Erick’claims they belong to Bien.

Earlier on Bien has given a reward of ksh 50,000 to anybody who will give him the phone and car keys.

Now Erick Omondi said that album is never stored in a phone but in a studio.Bien said that the phone had his album.

On Friday night,Erick Omondi and Bien of Sauti Sol Almost Had A Fist Fight At The Carnivore

The two had not so fine an exchange that almost turned physical. The story started off when the two met at a parking lot at Carnivore.

What was missing was whether the story was a clout chase or not. Because it couldn’t have been a coincident that the two would just meet at a function which Erick himself did not approve of.

The comedian has been quite categorical in his fight for the local artistes to be given a seventy per cent airplay, which has received some opposition from even the artistes themselves.

The party that was attended by the Jamaican Dancehall artiste Konshens who was the guest artiste while Sauti Sol was to be one of the curtain raisers.

Bien after setting eyes on Erick asked him why he has been so dramatic on his socials complaining why Kenyan artistes should be the curtain raisers in an event that is attended by an international artiste.

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