From being the richest man in Wales to living in a caravan~Story of Rob

A secret millionaire who was once worth Ksh3.7billion now lives in a caravan and only has ksh10,000 in his bank account.

Rob Lloyd, 57, was once one of the richest men in Wales, with an annual salary of around Ksh35,000,000 and many millions more in his bank account.

He spent ksh600 million on creating a racing yard and another ksh200million on horses, not to mention buying up a couple of farms too and even starred in Channel 4’s hit show The Secret Millionaire in 2009.

But by July 2011, the Cheshire-born tycoon was reported to have up to Ksh2.6 billion of debts following the property market collapse, WalesOnline reports.

He was also ripped off by a conman in the Bahamas, who stole thousands from him through a dodgy deal, around the same time.

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