That is not me!!That night i was seriously working on my wife!~Babu Owino denies claims of fighting at Konshens show

Babu was forced to clear his name after a section on netizens claimed he was filmed in a fighting video that has since gone viral on social media.

The 19-seconds clip showed several women fighting at the VIP section while others tried to stop the altercation as Konshens continued with the concert.

During the fight, a man dressed in a white shirt that some believed resembled the lawmaker, could be seen grabbing one of the women and pushing her aside. It is not clear whether he was part of the fight or among those who tried to stop the ugly altercation.

However, contrary to what some netizens believed, Babu took to Twitter and Instagram and clarified he was not the man in the video, nor was he at the party.

The lawmaker even asked people who attended the party to help him confirm his absence at the concert.

“With due respect, I was not at the Konshens’ party, and the man purported to be me in the video doing rounds is NOT me.

“The time Konshens was performing I was also performing on my wife and she can attest to this. People at the Konshens’ party should also confirm that I was not there,” said Babu Owino while responding to a tweep who questioned if he was the one in the video.

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