Young man on life support machine requests for his phone to stake a bet

A young man who didn’t care for his life while on oxygen support at the hospital rather requested for his phone to stake bet.

A video going viral on the internet captures the moment the young man who could barely breath request for his phone only to stake bet as he was helped out by his friend who sat beside him on his hospital bed.

While he struggled to breath and see, he carefully selected his favorites to win while his friend held his phone for him.

This is not the first time people addicted to betting have hit the headlines.

Last year,statistics show that people above the age of 55yrs are more addicted to betting than young ones.Its due to this addiction of even students that prompted CS Matiangi to ban most of betting firms in Kenya.

There were rising cases of students using school fees in betting.After loosing others sorted to killing themselves.

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