“If it was not for baba, i would not have been the Governor”~Ann Kananu says

Nairobi County Governor Ann Kananu now says ODM leader Raila Odinga played a key role in enabling her to assume the highest office in the city’s capital.

Kananu was speaking at the Bomas of Kenya on Friday where the Azimio la Umoja leader was celebrating his 77th birthday.

Governor Kananu argued that Odinga’s handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta led to peace in the country and his intervention in the county affairs has seen stability and her assumption to the office.

She cited instances after the ousting of former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko where the county degenerated into chaos and was politically unstable.

“If it was not for baba, you would not have a woman governor in Nairobi. I am the firstborn child of the handshake. Ninataka tuambiane ukweli leo ndio watu waache propaganda mingi; Baba amesimama na Nairobi,” Kananu stated.

“Mmesikia kelele tena? Nairobi has peace because we have a father in Nairobi,” she added.

While reaffirming the dominance of the ODM leader in the country’s capital, Kananu took a swipe at Odinga’s competitors saying that the county identifies to Azimio leadership.

“Nairobi, mtake msitake ni Azimio la Baba. Wale wanasema tuko na rally ingine huku, hio ni yao. We are going to use our resources; me and my family and everybody in Nairobi to ensure we vote for baba on August 9, 2022,” Kananu stated.

Governor Kananu acknowledged Odinga’s role in women empowerment where she said he advocates for the unity and equality of all Kenyans.

“We want you to be the fifth president of Kenya because you have shown us that if we stay together we can hold a family together,” she said.

She implored Odinga to prioritize on gender balance and youth empowerment after securing the win in August.

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