Revealed:Nick Ndeda’s relationship with Betty Kyallo was fake,he was just a broker

Nick Ndeda’s time as the front in the relationship between Conrad Anangwe and Betty Kyallo seems to have come to an end already.

The relationship which people close to the two knew as fake was meant to hide the true relationship between Conrad Anangwe and Betty Kyallo, the two are still dating up to now.

Nick Ndeda’s role in the relationship was to keep Betty’s many followers busy with a non-existent relationship while the man who took her home and sucked the juice from the honeypot has been lawyer Conrad Anangwe of  Conrad Law and Consultancy.

Nick Ndeda is also an employee of Conrad Law and Consultancy which is located near the Arboreteum. With the publicity from the relationship, Nick Ndeda is expected to announce the formation of a Mental Health charity.

Conrad Anangwe has been battling an ugly separation and probably divorce from his wife who is a daughter to one top retired judge is expected to quietly continue his relationship with Betty with no one suspecting the true man.

Nick Ndeda has proven that the relationship was fake when he claimed that they are separating because Betty Kyallo has been walking naked in the house, something he knows is fake as he has not even seen Betty Kyallo naked.

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