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I miss it but i dont love Kenyan men~Huddah Monroe says

Weeks after jetting back into the country after almost two years ‘running errands’ in Dubai, the Huddah Cosmetics CEO last month divulged her willingness to ‘sell her womb’ for a whopping total of $1,000,000. This is equivalent to over Ksh 100M.

And she has not ceased bemoaning how much she loathes the Kenyan life and the men herein, even when sex starvation is driving her insane.

Earlier on, Huddah said she would never break up with a man she is dating simply because he cheated.

Controversial singer KRG The Don said he is a friend of the socialite although she cannot be his woman. This was after he was asked to mention celeb women he would date, among those mentioned to him were Amber Ray and Huddah. He said Amber is taken while Huddah is thin.

KRG was then asked to comment about Huddah’s willingness to ‘sell her womb’ for a whopping total of $1,000,000, the equivalent of over Ksh 100M. KRG responded,

“It’s a good idea. She has
never gotten pregnant for any
man and she has her value.
me, I have four kids already
so I don’t have to pay
millions to get another baby.
If I had no baby, I would
have paid but I don’t want
more kids.”

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