Mitumba man goes back to Kisumu after hard struggles in Nairobi

Mitumba man has come out to talk about the hardship he has undergone in Nairobi since gaining fame last year.

Speaking to Eve Mungai,he talked of the betrayal and embarrasment people have caused him in his life.Responding yo the video of him in Kisumu,Mitumba Man said that he went back to Kisumu to seek blessings from his grandmother.

The man from Mtumba won many lucrative contracts and was even transported to work in Nairobi. Mtumba Man got a one-year contract with DeVine Collections. However, the contract has expired and Mtumba Man is back on the streets doing what he does best. The second hand sells second hand cars. Mtumba Man seems to be proud of his work and has said he will not let enemies speak ill of him.

Recently,he was captured with a white lady enjoying life at Kempiski.But in his own words he said”She’s the one who conducted me,told me to look for a classy place where she would spend the mment she lands in Kenya.She called me to Kempiski where we had good time but she’s older than me.When she fled back to Europe she called me and abused me seriously,so i had to end our relationship.”

He also responded to Andrew Kibe for calling him a gay.He warned him of his behaviour and using abusive language because he’s a father compared to Kibe who doesnt have any kid.

Mitumba Man said he’s working for different brands although the hardship which he said is part of life.He also advised young people to take it easy because God’s time is always the best.

He finished by thanking Jalang’o,a radio personality and Langata Mp aspirant for bringing him to limelight and admitted that many people knew him through Jalang’o.He advised Langata people to elect Jalango as their Mp because of his pure heart of helping.

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