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List of Countries You Don’t Need A Visa To Visit With A Kenyan Passport

Travelling is one of the few pure pleasures in life but if you are African, you know how hard this can get especially when you want to travel abroad.

Having an African passport is one of the few things that will make your travel dream not be realized fully. For the majority of countries, you will need to show six months’ worth of bank statements to prove to them that you are not about to go and disappear in their countries.

This whole process will probably take you two weeks so you can never just up and leave for, say, Germany.

But fret not, even as Africans, we do have some countries that will let you just pay for your ticket and show up.

According to the global visa ranking website, The Henley Passport Index (HPI), which has just released its 2021 Q4 Global Ranking report, the Kenyan passport is ranked 77th in the world and can allow one to travel up to 72 countries without a visa, on an e-visa, or get a visa on arrival.

Across Africa, the Kenyan passport with a visa-free score of 72 is ranked 8th, behind Seychelles, which has a score of 152, Mauritius (146), South Africa (103), Botswana (86), Namibia (78), Lesotho (77) and Malawi, with a score of 75.

Here are the 39 destinations a Kenyan passport holder does not need a visa to visit:

Holders of a Kenyan passport can also visit the following countries with an e-visa:

Additionally, Kenyan passport holders can travel to the following destinations visa-free, but are required to get the visa on arrival:

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