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Samidoh dumped by both wife and side chic Karen Nyamu

Mugithi crooner Samuel Muchoki aka Samidoh is a man trapped inside the stench of the rotten feast he laid himself.

It has emerged that the women he once thought he can comfortably encircle in his arms have both become like thorns in his embrace.

Tell-tale signs of trouble in his marriage caught the grasp of the public when his wife snubbed his homecoming from a month-long tour of 14 states in the United States. This was triggered by a photo his baby Mama Karen Nyamu shared of them on the same flight hours after his wife and kids saw him off at the airport

Then he soured things with his Nyamu when while in the U.S, he vehemently denied her, sending her into delirium and bitter rants on her Instagram.

When he came back, neither of the women wanted his scent anywhere near an inch of their breath. His wife allegedly gave him an ultimatum to block his baby mama on his social media platforms, something he was hesitant to do.

He has also ostensibly left his home and is putting up at a place along Kiambu. Nyamu also hinted at having dumped him when she shared a cryptic message on her insta stories.

Stressed and shunned by both his women, Samidoh is letting off steam at the Coast and was spotted getting cozy with multiple women at the Jumeirah Hotel in Mombasa.

His wife reportedly threatened to take away their two kids while he was on a tour of the USA in late 2021 if Samidoh did not block Karen Nyamu on Facebook like she wanted him to.

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