No way Mudavadi can be Kalonzo’s running mate~Malala fumes

Malala said there was no way Musalia could be Kalonzo’s deputy in the coming election, citing many ‘sacrifices’ that the ANC leader has made while supporting others to clinch the top seat.

“In 2008, Musalia agreed with Koffi Annan and allowed Raila Odinga to be Prime Minister and Kalonzo as Vice President. In 2017, he backed Raila-Kalonzo ticket.

“It is now time for them to support him in 2022,” Malala said on Saturday.

There is no way a large river can join a small river. It is the small river that joins the larger river and that’s what Kalonzo should do,” he added.

Malala revealed what the technical committee had proposed before it was made public.

The committee has been meeting in Naivasha and the three OKA principals joined them yesterday.

Musalia did not attend the Naivasha meeting, confirming further a possible split within the alliance.

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