Creativity:Meet a hawker who dresses like a banker and makes Ksh5000 per day through hawking

The tray on his head gives him away, else he would be mistaken for a banker who works in one of the top-paying banks in Nigeria.

24-year-old Eteng from Uyo in Akwa Ibom State dorns a neat suit and well-fitted tie daily as he goes to work hawking corn flour jello, popularly called Agidi in Nigerian languages.

The Agidi carefully wrapped and placed on the tray on his head sells for ksh25each and he has ksh5000 worth on it.

Many consider the trade a low-class business and those who hawk it are not usually accorded respect because of their dress sense but he has proved them wrong.

Moses Eteng has cut a niche for himself by his unique dress style.

Premium Times reports that Eteng chose the type of dressing in order to woo more clients and stand out from the pack of hawkers on the streets of Uyo.

Eteng told the newspaper that in order to get customers, he has to study people and understand what they like.

He says what he is doing is appealing to people and that many hawkers like it but are unable to and that makes him different. According to him, he dresses to promote his brand.

He said anyone who looks at him will understand his products look like him. He says his neat dressing boosts his business

Eteng has also cut a name for him himself as educated Agidi among those who patronise him,

He is a self-sponsored secondary school leaver and has sold the product for another person for 10 years.

He began his own business in 2018 after he was sent back to the village when he fell out with his proprietor.

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