The reason why “Waganga”dont ask for your father’s name is because he may not be your biological father~Man’s tweet causes uproar online

Nigeria;A Nigerian man has taken to social media to spark reactions from Twitter over a controversial issue regarding money rituals.

We’re not sure if you’ve ever wondered why most mothers are the ones who fall victims to money rituals in case their child gets involved in such activities.

Well,Peter Pentane has explained why mother’s name is usually requested from people who visit juju men for ritual purposes.

According to him, the juju men are also aware of the high rate of paternity fraud in society so when they request for that name there’s a probability that the person’s father might not be his biological father which will complicate issues.

He said, “No wonder Babalawo use to ask for mother’s name cos the father might not be the father.. oti yé mi.”

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