Most Kenyan artists are in ILLUMINATI”~Producer Magix Enga reveals the secrets behind illuminati

Celebrated music producer Magix Enga has warned Kenyans against taking Illuminati talks lightly, insisting that the secrete society actually exists and can ruin lives.

Speaking to fast rising YouTuber, Presenter Ali, the former gospel artists revealed that he got so rich at the age of 24 after joining the cult but quickly lost his fortune after he stopped devil worshiping and turned to God.

According to the Kenyan artist, he was forced to get into Illuminati because he was so broke and could not take care of himself.

The producer disclosed that he was recruited into the group by a Caucasian woman he had met at the Junction Mall.

The white woman would link him with American producer DJ Khaled and his fortunes changed for the better within the first two months.

While clarifying that he did not sacrifice anyone close to him like it is know, Enga said that he offered his blood.

He bought four cars in quick succession and was bathing in money and would party hard.

However, hell broke loose after he returned to God and was involved in two incidences of road accidents along Thika Road.

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