John Kamau Karanja~A Kenyan making millions from selling mutura in the US

“Mostly people like me fit here very well as opposed to the wealthy because this is where I got my first Ksh1 million.I can say it’s a great opportunity for those who are determined” were the words of John Kamau Karanja, the owner of Lims Nyama Choma located in Seattle, US along pacific highway.

Speaking on Chams Media, Karanja noted that his journey was not a bed of roses- recalling his previous profession as a plumber in South Sudan. 

Before making fortunes, Karanja used to sell curios in South Africa and Zambia. He relocated to South Sudan to become a plumber in order to make ends meet. 

However, his luck turned around when he won the green card lottery in 2013 and brought his expertise to Seattle.

“One time at a friend’s party, I cooked for them nyama choma and they were very pleased. Days later, I kept receiving calls from various people asking me to cook for them nyama choma at a fee,” he pointed out. 

For the past two years, Karanja has been building a brand with the help of his family.

Karanja noted that running a business in America is a grueling task as one has to comply with various licenses and standards. 

Crediting part of the success to his bloodline, Karanja pointed out that the hospitality industry has been in his lineage from his grandfather to his father as well as his brothers who still run butcheries in Kenya.

The business is open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10 am to 10 pm. It’s closed on Mondays. 

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