Rose Muhando’s latest demand causes stir online,she said she wants to be married to a rich mzungu hubby

Muhando says her biggest prayer this year is to get a rich mzungu hubby

On Tuesday, a section of Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) made the singer a topic of discussion after she declared that her biggest prayer this year is to get a rich mzungu (white) husband.

In a video shared on her official Instagram account, Muhando sings about getting a white man who has money and KOT are now on her case.

“Yesu nitendee, Yesu unitendee, ombi langu mwaka huu nataka nipate mume mzungu na mwenye hela.

She went on to ask her fans and followers to also share their prayers for the year 2022, via a WhatsApp number she provided.

However, Kenyans on Twitter joined the conversation with everybody trying to weigh in, with an opinion of what they think about the Rose Muhando prayer.

Just the other day, Muhando was again on the trending tabs after claims of having a sexual affair with blogger Abraham Mutai surfaced online.

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