Bird That Flew Over 7,000KM From Poland To Kenya Electrocuted In Nandi County

An avian that flew from Poland to Kenya has died.

The carcass was found by wildlife conservation enthusiast Elicky Misoi in Mogon Barton village. KWS will now preserve it as a wildlife trophy

The bird, unfortunately, lost its life after it was electrocuted while trying to land at Baraton, Chesumei constituency, Nandi county.

Wildlife conservationists in Nandi confirmed the bird’s death that reportedly flew a distance of over 7,000 kilometres, Citizen TV reported.

“The bird died after hitting live electric wires. It had a tag on its leg indicating it flew from Poland. When I found that bird yesterday I was really so sad to see it dead.

“It was very unfortunate because it had travelled 7,000km to Kenya and when it was just gliding down to rest when the accident occurred.”

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