My life is in danger,ILLUMINATI guys are threatening me after the expose~Magix Enga cries out

Famous producer and mucisian Magix Enga has said that his life is danger.He said that he’s receiving threats from Illuminati after he exposed them.

Yesterday,Magix shocked a section of Kenyans after confessing that his overnight success was a result of joining Illuminati.

In an interview with YouTuber Presenter Ali, Enga disclosed that he was introduced to Illuminati by a lady he met at the Junction Mall in Nairobi and within a few days his life was thriving.

“That Illuminati thing is real and people should stop joking about it. Mimi ilinifanyikia nikiwa 23… 24 years and now I’m turning 30 years. Kuna dem alikam mzungu tukahave a meeting pale Junction Mall, tukaongea, akaniuliza maisha inanipelekaje maanake naona you are a dope producer and you can also sing. Akaniambia naeza kulink na big musicians wenye wamepitia through me na wamekuwa successful

“(I was about 23 or 24 years old, I met with a white lady at the Junction Mall and after talking for a while she told me that she had made some big musicians successful and she could help me too),” alleged Magic Enga.

He went on to explain that the first musician he was linked to was American Producer DJ Khaled.

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“(She called DJ Khaled during our meeting and I spoke to him. At that time I announced that I was working with the DJ and Kenyans really trolled me. But I spoke to him and he assured me that my life would change in one or two months and I listened to him because I was really broke and borrowing constantly at that time),” Enga added.

“(There’s wasn’t any human sacrifice required, they just drew my blood using a knife… Things have changed in the world and no one should mock something like this… I bought three cars and I have all the money I want),” he stated.

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Enga also noted that when things started becoming too good and he found himself going back to his old ways of being a prayerful person.

“(When I got back to how I used to pray I got into an accident along Thika Road and since then, the more I pray the more I lose things),” Enga said.

The music producer narrated that he has found salvation but everything he had acquired through Illuminati is gone.

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